EMS lecturers make use of various communication, content and assessment eTools

Lecturers within the EMS faculty across Departments are making use of the online platform, iKamva (Sakai) to enhance their teaching-and-learning practices.  A number of 93 modules (2015) have been created and are mainly used to:

– share resources (lecture slides, homework tasks, articles, etc.); and
– communicate with students through sending announcements.

Furthermore some lecturers have also made use of the eAssessment tools.  This includes the use of online assessments for reflective and group assignments as well as online tests related to course content, referencing techniques and critical thinking.

In the literature, McLoughlin and Luca (2001:418) reflect on the importance of eAssessment: “Information and communication technologies (ICT) have the capacity to support a wide range of learning goals and are now integrated into teaching approaches of many higher educational institutions”. Some of the key impacts of this infusion of technology include: “self-directed learning and increased student autonomy”, “flexibility and diversity in assessment”, “increased information literacy, ensuring that graduate skills are in tune with those of employers”, and “increased productivity and efficiency in higher  education” (McLoughlin & Luca, 2001:418).

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