Exponential Growth of eTools adoption within iKamva platform across 53 Departments

Lecturers from 53 Departments (across the 7 Faculties of the institution) – are making use of various eTools within the iKamva (Sakai) platform. It should be noted that since the launch of the iKamva platform, May 2012, a number of 1405 modules have been created within the iKamva platform. Furthermore, it should be highlighted that 538 modules have been created within the first term of this academic year (2015). Face-to-face instruction is enhanced by the effective use of various emerging communication, content creation and assessment eTools. Lecturers, facilitators and co-facilitators are able to share online environments across disciplines.

NB: Lecturers have been informed (since 2013) – regarding the need to migrate from the eTeaching platform (http://eteaching.uwc.ac.za) – to the current iKamva/Sakai platform,(http://ikamva.uwc.ac.za). Most of Semester 1 modules, within the Chisimba platform – have been migrated to iKamva. The CIECT team will not create any new modules within the old Chisimba system.

NB: All staff members, who currently have online modules within the Chisimba platform are strongly encourage to contact the CIECT team regarding migration processes. Hence, the eTeaching platform (Chisimba) will no longer be in use, effective immediately from 01 March 2015.

“The past decade has seen enormous growth in the use of learning management systems (LMS) in higher education institutions, with varying levels of support provided to staff and students during the implementation phases. This has, in theory at least, provided the potential for rich learning environments built on social constructivist theories and available to all students, both on campus and those studying at a distance” (Weaver et al., 2008).
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Tel: 021 959 3200/2501/3068

Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technologies (CIECT)
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Email: elearning@uwc.ac.za
Tel: 021 959 3200/2501/3068

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