Social Work: ePortfolio’s made easy using siteMaestro

The CIECT team offered a refresher training session on Google Sites (ePortfolio’s) in November 2014 for Social Work lecturers. During this session, the lecturers mentioned about the difficulty managing the bulk of student ePortfolio’s. It was recommended that they make use of a tool called, siteMaestro (among other tools) that will allow an educator to copy (bulk), share and manage Google Sites (ePortfolio’s) with a roster of students. A demo of the siteMaestro tool was conducted by CIECT team.

During this demo, the Social Work lecturers expressed their satisfaction regarding the benefits of the eTool:

– to manage the student ePortfolio’s embedded in Google Spreadsheets; and
– to manage sharing permissions with numerous users or groups (in bulk).

Moreover, the siteMeastro eTool enables lecturers to create sites and spent less time managing ePortfolio’s. Therefore the lecturers have more time to collaborate and reflect on the content and student development.

The lecturers stated that they will start to utilize the tool as early as the 2nd year of Social Work studies. Communication was made and the group requested that another demo should be done in January 2015 for all the Social Work Fieldworkers and Supervisors.

NB: Please note that the eTeaching platform (Chisimba) will be phased out. Hence lecturers are encouraged to contact the CIECT team, to make use of the iKamva (Sakai) platform.

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