Pharmacy students make use of Vodcasting for assessment purposes

Lecturer, Nadine Butler from School of Pharmacy consulted with the CIECT team regarding the use of  Vodcasting for assessment purposes. Her 4th Year Pharmacy students’ ‘patient counselling competencies‘ were assessed. An integrated assessment was designed to assess components such as communication, adherence counselling and applied clinical knowledge.

Students were expected to simulate real-life scenarios and video-record their interactions to showcase counselling competencies. They were also expected to assess patients according to the environmental, physical, psychological and behavioural elements. Nadine developed a rubric according to specific objectives (for the assessment) – and shared it with her students prior to the intervention.

The CIECT team also provided the students with demonstrations related to the use of their smartphones to record counselling sessions (real-life scenarios); and editing processes. The students submitted the completed Vodcasts within the iKamva/ Sakai platform (Pharmacology 414 module).

Comments from students regarding the value of the assessment method stated the following:
– “very interesting assignment”,
– “Yes, able to internalise concepts better if you talk rather than write’
–  “Helped me to identify gaps in knowledge went back to 215 and pharmacol”
– “Helped me with exam – because of integrated approach. I remembered more”
– “More please. happy to do more vodcasts in the future”,
– “Feel special, Feels good to be ahead of the pack”.

Nadine Butler, stated that the Vodcast tool was an ideal for the type of integrated assignment design. Vodcasting “can alleviate large class limitations even though assessments are still very time-consuming”.

NB: Please note that the eTeaching platform (Chisimba) will be phased out by the end of 2014. Lecturers are encourage to contact the CIECT team to make use of the iKamva/ Sakai Platform.


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