Science Faculty: Database creation using Doctopus for Extended Curriculum Programme

Teaching and Learning Specialist, Dr. Rita Kizito from the Faculty of Science consulted with the CIECT team on how to create a database for the Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP). Rita intends to make use of the intervention to monitor and track Science Teaching Assistants (TAs). Furthermore the developed database will be used by the TAs to track their specific student groups.

The CIECT team advised, trained and supported Dr Kizito on the effective use of emerging technologies, namely: Doctopus, Goobric and other Google Applications:
1. A student progress template was created in Google Docs.
2. This progress template was distributed in the Doctopus eTool, making use of a scaffolding approach:
– Set permissions and create roster (customise according to context);
– Assign roles;
– Locate the template;
– Create a space for student responses; and
– Alignment, sharing and distribution.

Rita and Prof Gavin Maneveldt highlighted that this intervention is of benefit as it, “…will be developed to track the ECP undergraduate student progress each semester and identify students at risk”. The database will also be used to give constructive feedback to students online (i.e. updates in real-time). Moreover, Dr Kizito highlighted that CIECT’s intervention and expertise (creation of databases, making use of Doctopus) have benefited the Science Faculty, as an external vendor would have been extremely costly.

NB: Please note that the eTeaching platform (Chisimba) will be phased out by the end of 2014. Hence lecturers are encouraged to contact the CIECT team, to make use of the iKamva (Sakai) platform.

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