School of Business and Finance: ‘Live Lecture’ Streaming for ADM students in George

Senior Lecturer Eslyn Isaacs, from the School of Business and Finance approached the CIECT team to find out if ‘off-campus’ students residing in the George region would be able to have access to a ‘live lecture’ (in real-time). CIECT advised regarding a solution, whereby live lectures could be streamed from the UWC campus to George. Conceptual planning meetings took place in order to prepare for this initiative.

Lecturer Frances Oosthuizen in collaboration with CIECT engaged in the delivery of this initiative. Hence she presented the lecture on Wednesday 22 October 2014 between 17h30 – 19h00 in venue DL3. The lecture, which focused on exam scope and preparation was captured on a digital lecture capture platform (Zoom), and streamed in real-time to the students in George.

This intervention enabled the students engaged in the Advanced Diploma in Management (ADM) Programme (Module: Short-term Insurance) to have access to the same content simultaneously. Moreover, the lecturers intended to reduce the administration processes related to ‘constant liaison’.

The captured lecture recording is available online for the specific ADM students to view and revise.

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