Online environment for 3rd year Linguistics students

Lecturer, Antia Bassey has created an online environment for his 3rd year Linguistics students. Professor Bassey makes use of various eTools within the Sakai platform (iKamva) to support his traditional teaching methods:

– Announcement,
– Course Resources; and
– Test & Quizzes tools.

The students are able to access the course resources (structured into Lecture Slides, Prescribed readings; and Tutorials/Essays)- before attending their face-to-face classes. They also receive online announcements related to course material, relevant reading material, and tests dates and times. These announcements are linked to students’ email clients (available via mobile devices).

In addition Professor Bassey created an ‘online term test’ during the fourth term. The test included different question types such as:
– Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs);
– Fill in the blanks; and
– True or False;

The scheduled term test took place in a computer lab under the supervision of the lecturer, teaching assistants and a CIECT team member. The online term test is aligned to students’ final Continuous Assessment Mark (CAM).

NB: Please note that the eTeaching platform (Chisimba) will be phased out by the end of 2014. Lecturers are encouraged to contact the CIECT team for training related to the use of the iKamva/Sakai platform.

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