Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Unit (ITLU): Lecturer creates a blended learning environment

Lecturer, Gerard Filies from the Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Unit (ITLU), consulted with the CIECT team to create an interactive online environment for the Professional Ethics and Practice Management module, within iKamva (Sakai platform). The lecturer is able to provide the Honours students with the following:
– lecture slides;
– online group discussion topics;
– online test; and
– polls (reflective of student feedback).

The online test (which contributed to their formative assessment tasks and related course material) consisted of various question types, namely: multiple-choice questions, true/false and matching. The lecturer stated that the online tests, “saves time in marking”; and that he could retrieve valuable feedback from student polls.

Furthermore, a Facebook group, Inter-professional World Cafe was created to supplement the online course- by enabling the students to share interesting links, articles and quotes related to the course. Gerard engaged with his students in a face-to-face workshop. Prior to the workshop he created this Facebook group and requested the students to share online postings and comments related to their group case-studies.

This blended teaching approach enabled the lecturer to retrieve valuable feedback from the Facebook group, which was presented in real-time to the students during the face-to-face workshop. Furthermore, the Facebook group enabled Gerard to bring together and easily facilitate a large group of students. Moreover, the lecturer made use of his iPad to track comments and challenges during the face-to-face group discussions. Gerard was able to comment on students’ postings in real-time. The lecturer observed how the students took initiative and posted relevant content, feedback and graphics related to their group case-studies.

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