Physics lecturers pilot Goobric and Doctopus eTools

A number of staff members in the Department of Physics will embark on the integration of emerging eTools, namely, Doctopus and Goobric – to enhance their current teaching and learning practices.

 The Physics lecturers will be able to upload and share eAssessment documents within Google Drive. Furthermore, these documents can be distributed via Doctopus. The lecturers will customise the eAssessment documents according to specific needs (e.g. individual student; groups; or entire class). Feedback will be shared within this online document.

 In addition, the Goobric eTool will enable the lecturers to grade distributed assignments online, via a rubric. Furthermore the Goobric also enables the lecturer to store assessment scores; comment and share feedback accordingly. Hence various data (rubric scores, comments and final scores) are processed, in ‘real-time’ – within the same document.

 Students ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate mainstream Physics courses – will experience the benefits of these eTools which enable asynchronous and synchronous communication and feedback between lecturers and students. The online student can view the comments in ‘real-time’; or make an online appointment to discuss the feedback (i.e. a face-to-face session).

 Students will also be able to monitor and track their progress online. A rubric will be included in the shared document. Thus, the student will be able to view rubric scores; and improve their assignments accordingly. This development approach will enable the Physics student to revise work after reviewing at least, two (2) rubric scores.

 This pilot project will lead to joint research between the CIECT members and Physics lecturers.

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