eAssessment for Sport Science students

Lecturer, Lloyd Leach has created an online environment for his second year Sport Science students. Lloyd makes use of the course resources, announcement; and Test & Quizzes within his online environment.

The students are able to access the course resources before they attend the class and receive announcements related to their test marks and guidelines. These guidelines are related to upcoming practical classes.

Lloyd also creates weekly eAssessments related to the specific lectures. These online assessments further enhance “the students understanding and knowledge of the specific content”. The students are expected to complete ‘Multiple Choice Questions’ (MCQs); and ‘True and False’ – question types. Weekly eAssessment test counts for 10% of the continuous assessment mark.

Students have a week within which they can complete the assessment from any device or geographical space. The students are able to re-do the test up to three times, if they are unsatisfied with their marks. The system will record their highest mark.

NB: Please note that the eTeaching platform (Chisimba) will be phased out by the end of 2014. Lecturers are encouraged to contact the CIECT team for training related to the use of the iKamva/Sakai platform.

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