Google Applications training for Human Ecology and Dietetics lecturers

Lecturers from the Human Ecology and Dietetics Department requested Google Applications training (Drive, Survey and ePorfolio). The training took place in June 2014 and enabled the lecturers to engage in the following hands-on activities:
Interactive document sharing (Google Drive)
 – Create an online document;
 – Share and edit within a user group; and
–  Receive updates and reviews of documents in real-time.
Interactive Survey (Google Forms)
 – Create an online survey;
 – Share with user group; and
 – Receive submissions in real-time.
ePortfolio (Google Sites)
 – Create an ePortfolio;
 – Add  content and digital media; and
 – Share the ePortfolio.

Some comments from the lecturers regarding the use of the eTools for teaching-and-learning purposes:
–  “will help me to start developing short questionnaires and get feedback from students”.
–  “will help to convert document as well as work with groups during group work”.
–  “allow for interactive communication between various people”.

NB: The team encourages staff members to arrange for group training sessions related to the effective use of eTools within the iKamva platform and Google Applications.
NB:  Please note that the eTeaching platform (Chisimba) will be phased out by the end of 2014. Lecturers are encouraged to contact the CIECT team for training related to the use of the iKamva/Sakai platform.

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