Digital Academic Literacy Programme for Foundation and First Year Students

The CIECT team recognises the need for basic computer literacy skills. A Digital Academic Literacy (DAL) Programme has been developed for Foundation and First Year students. In the first term of 2014, the team offered training to over 2 500 students across all Faculties. The DAL Programme (conducted over a period of a semester) is also customised according to Faculty needs.

 By the end of first term, students are able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Communicate with lecturers, using electronic mail;

  • Browse and navigate windows operating system, including managing files and folders;

  • Navigate the World Wide Web (WWW) and academic search engines; and

  • Create documents and assignments for academic purposes.

The following planning activities took place prior to the delivery of the DAL Programme:

  • Consultation with Faculties/Departments

  • Programme content

  • Team/ Facilitator’s preparation

  • Time-tabling

  • Student facilitation and consultation

**The graph below reflects the number of students who engaged in the DAL Programme, Term 1:


Academics / Departments who wishes to integrate the DAL Programme into the Academic curriculum are cordially invited to contact the team on below:

Mr T.F. Mokwele ( / 021 959 2966) or Mr F. Nkunge ( / 021 959 2966)

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