Linguistics lecturers co-facilitate: Interactive online course within iKamva (Sakai) platform

Linguistics Professors, Charlyn Dyers and Bassey Antia have created an online environment. These lecturers co-facilitate and share course material within the iKamva (Sakai platform).
The course content is structured into lecture notes, readings and assignments. The module focuses on Multilingualism in Society and Education. Hence, these lecturers have created podcasts and related documents to translate and explain certain concepts in both Afrikaans and Xhosa. This enables the students to download the recordings and documents, irrespective of their geographical setting.
NB: It should be noted that this course was previously hosted on the eTeaching platform; and has now been migrated to the iKamva platform. Lecturers are encouraged to contact CIECT in order to migrate modules from eTeaching to the current iKamva site. The eTeaching platform will be phased out by the end of 2014, hence lecturers are encouraged to make use of the iKamva platform.

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