Foreign Language lecturers create interactive online environments

Lecturers, Sandra de Kock and Sandra van Reenen,from the Department of Foreign Languages have created interactive online modules for their respective German and French first-year classes. The CIECT team has assisted the lecturers with the structure and design of the online environments. The lecturers were also trained on how to create podcasts (voice-recordings) which were embedded within the presentations. Students are able to repeatedly access these audio-recorded presentations (which highlights correct pronunciation).

The courses have been structured into manageable units and interactive pages to:
– share content;
– embed digital resources (such as audio-narrated Powerpoints);and
– link to course resources.

The students are also expected to submit the podcast assignments online. They are also able to complete online self-assessment tests in order to test their knowledge and understanding of the language. Sandra de Kock states: “The objective for the podcast-homework assignments was to hear each course participant speak the language and concentrate on possible difficulties on pronunciation individually, and without pointing it out in class in front of all the other students. This is beneficial, especially for timid students, but ultimately for everyone, as mispronunciation is detected early; and students don’t get used to wrong pronunciation, which at a later stage is difficult to “unlearn”. Furthermore, speaking receives more attention and becomes an integral part in classroom activities and also assignments, thus students are not only evaluated on their speaking ability twice a year in formal oral exams, but throughout the year in fun activities”.
The CIECT team conducted demonstration sessions during lectures to show students how to access, navigate and upload online assessments within the iKamva (Sakai) platform. These demonstrations also equips the students with the basic ‘know-how’ of the creation of podcasts and vodcasts (video-recordings).

** View CIECT Training and Support Interventions for 2014 at the following link

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