Structured online course: Law Masters students

Lecturer, Kitty Malherbe, created a blended online environment for Masters students: Labour Law in the New Global Market.  Students engage in a structured online environment and are only expected to commit to two (2) face-to-face sessions. These students (including professional working adults) – were invited to attend an iKamva/Sakai training session, Saturday 8th February 2014 – in order for them to become familiar with the online environment.

The CIECT team assisted Kitty with the creation of an interactive, structured environment that would enable students to easily navigate and access learning material from various geographical settings and mobile devices. The online resources include the following:
–  Module Outline 2014
–  Step-by-step guide            
–  Introduction Workshop
–  Assignments and Examination     
–  Topics for major assignment          
–  Topics and Tasks: An Overview   
–  Breakdown of Topics and Tasks  
–  Assignment Cover Page    
–  Style Rules            
–  Previous examination papers
–  Feedback on Assessment Tasks
–  Assessment workshop presentations
Furthermore the students are expected to submit their assessment tasks via the discussion forum as well as within the online ‘assignment tool’. These Masters students are able to access all the resources; and respond to discussion forums via mobile devices (e.g. smart phones and tablets).
** View CIECT Training and Support Interventions for 2014 at the following link

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