Earth Science lecturers engage in an anti-plagiarism workshop

The Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technology (CIECT) has encouraged the entire campus community to make use of Turnitin (Tii) to promote creative writing; and moreover to eliminate plagiarism. The Department of Earth Science contacted the CIECT team to conduct Turnitin (tii) training for lecturers.
The team facilitated the training session which enabled the lecturers to discuss the effective use of the Tii plagiarism detection tool; and especially its benefits for detecting text similarities within documents/assignments. The hands-on training sessions included the following:

– access and navigate the Tii repository;
– set-up a ‘class and assignment’;
– add students to a class; and
– subject-matter expert responsible for monitoring the Tii class.
Furthermore, these lecturers were shown how to read and reflect on a generated similarity index report. They were encouraged to set-up Tii classes, whereby students would be able to submit and resubmit documents – in order to reduce plagiarised text.
Reminder: The self-paced Tii training initiative is online. This initiative is divided into two courses, for both students and lecturers. To access the course as a student, please access ( To access the course as a lecturer, access (

NB: Note that these self-paced courses are intranet based; hence students will only be able to access the course within the institution.
** View CIECT Training and Support Interventions for 2014 at the following link

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