Psychology lecturer makes use of iKamva/ Sakai: Large class Assessment (3rd yr Psychology students)

Dear Colleagues
In 2013 lecturer, Shazly Savalh created an interactive online environment within iKamva/ Sakai for approximately 800 Psychology students. A formative assessment task was created, enabling these students to engage within this ‘online test and quizz tool’.
The students were expected to complete the formative assessment within a two week time-frame (asynchronous eTool). Hence, students were able to complete the assessment task at any time; and from various geographical settings.
Shazly stated that the overall completion of the tests took place without any major incidents. Subsequent to this positive response from the lecturer, other colleagues within the Psychology Department requested an iKamva/ Sakai introductory session.  Following, CIECT facilitators offered an hour training session for 10 Psychology lecturers on 21st January 2014. These lecturers expressed an interest related to e-assessments for large classes.
Feedback on the group training session:  “Thank you for the information session you held at the Department of Psychology.  We found the session to be very informative and helpful.”

The CIECT team encourages lecturers to arrange Departmental group training sessions related to the effective use of eTools within the Sakai (iKamva) platform.
CIECT Greetings

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