Flexible assessment practices: 4th Year Social Work Students develop ePortfolios for final assessment

Social Work lecturer, Anna-Marie Beytell, contacted the CIECT team to conduct an ePortfolio workshop for her fourth year students. Previously, Social Work students were required to complete and submit their paper-based teaching portfolios. After attending the staff ePortfolio workshop, Dr Beytell realised the affordances of the ePortfolio tool. Hence, Dr Beytell enhanced her conventional assessment practices with ePortfolios, reviewed by an external examiner.


In mid July 2013, sixty-one (61) Social Work students attended the ePortfolio workshop offered by CIECT. This workshop enabled students to:

 – Create their online ePortfolio site;

– Structure webpages according to the template (as provided by lecturer);

– Add profile information;

– Insert relevant image of student; and

– Upload a file which highlights the challenges and benefits of their fieldwork excursions.


Subsequent to the training, Dr. Beytell, requested that students develop their ePortfolios, highlighting their professional development within the field of Social Work. Students were expected to capture and collate evidence of their field work experiences.


Furthermore, the CIECT team offered ePortfolio support workshops which enabled the students to develop their final assessment task. The following support intervention were offered:

 – Uploading evidence to Google Drive,

– Embedding video clips; audio-recordings; PowerPoint slides; and Word documents,

– Uploading evidence related to Exit Level Outcomes,

– Changing privacy settings; and

– Sharing the ePortfolio with the relevant stakeholders.


The ePortfolios were shared with the Social Work lecturer, and an external examiner for final assessment/examination purposes.


**It should be noted that this ePortfolio assessment task can be conducted anywhere; at any time; and place. The ePortfolio can continuously be updated and reviewed; and shared in ‘real time’ with peers; lecturers and prospective employers.




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