Digital Academic Literacy Programme: Infusion of ICTs across various Departments

The Centre for Innovative, Communication Technologies (CIECT) offers a Digital Academic Literacy (DAL) Programme to novice users (UWC undergraduate students).

Many of our students come from homes, schools and communities where computers have simply not been a part of their lives. Due to this challenge, the DAL programme offers basic ICT packages; and customised programmes as per Faculty requirements. The following Departments have integrated the DAL Programme:

• EMS (ALC111 and ALB131, Accounting 237, IFS 231 and IFS233)
• ARTS (Arts Foundation, Library and Information Science 121, INF221)
• Education (All first year students that registered for EDC101 and EDC111)
• Dentistry (Oral Hygiene and BCHD students)
• CHS (Physiotherapy, Sport science, Social work, School of Natural Medicine and Occupational Therapy)
• LAW (ILS111 and FLS111)

Following are comments from students related to the DAL Programme:

“I had Computer Applications Technology on school and doing the DAL course I’ve learned even more and did a few new stuff extra”.

“I finally know how to use Excel! This course has helped me a lot, i am very glad we had to attend these classes. I will use these skills every day, as well as for assignments”.

“I enjoyed this course and i have gained lot of information about it, and its now easy for me to understand computer”.

“I enjoyed the course it is has been a great help to me. Keep up the good work ”.

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