92 EMS tutors make use of Google Drive to prepare and plan for tutoring classes

Economic and Management Science (EMS) tutor coordinator, Megan Bam contacted the CIECT team for tutor training. The team deliberated on the effective use of Google Drive eTools; and its benefits for planning tutorial classes within an online environment. A lesson plan template was created and embedded into Google Drive, in order for the tutors to prepare the structure of the tutorial events; and discuss related learning material.

The EMS tutors were requested to sign up for a specific training slot during the September term break. It should be noted that 92 tutors attended the hands-on Google drive training session. The tutors were able to:
– view, edit and share the lesson plan in real-time;
– discuss the structure of lesson plan; and
– apply the standardised structure.

Hence, the lecturer and tutor coordinator is able to view the online discussions and changes made to the lesson plan by tutors (in ‘real-time’).

A Google survey was also developed and shared during this training session. The survey captured valuable feedback related to the training session; and the participants’ interests in the benefits of engaging in tutor programmes. Below are some comments captured within the online survey:

“I loved the training and I found it extremely useful. Please provide this training to our lecturers and give them a general computer course as many of them know very little about using and editing on powerpoint etc.”

“Yes. now I can improve group work and participation in the coming tasks easier and simpler”.

“Absolutely! I am so excited to start my Google drive journey. This training could not have come at a better time. As I am busy working on my thesis I need a safe place to store my work and track my progress as well as interactions with my supervisor. Also the opportunity to communicate with other tutors could save me a lot of time and get rid of some of the discrepancies in various tutorial groups, for instance if one tutor explained something differently then all other tutors would probably have to follow suit”.

“I firstly would like to thank the department for sending us for the training of Google Drive, it was very informative and a great learning experience which I am very thankful for”.

Colleagues wishing to participate in Google Drive sessions are encouraged to register, using the iEnabler (on-line registration booking system). Thank you for your support.

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