Taking traditional medicine to the online environment: South African Herbal Science and Medicine Institute (SAHSMI)

In 2010, Nandi Siegfried of South African Herbal Science and Medicine Institute (SAHSMI) contacted CIECT to discuss the development of an online environment for the Clinical Trials in Herbal Medicine course.

Since the initial meeting, the CIECT team has continuously been supporting Nandi in developing the ‘Multi-disciplinary University Traditional Health Initiative (MUTHI) Clinical Trials’ online course. The team has provided assistance and support in:

– compressing and editing video recordings for online usage,
– setting up the online environment,
– developing the course structure,
– adding participants and partners, and
– instructional guides for participants

Nandi has developed a structured course with manageable units of work, enabling participants to easily navigate learning material. Each unit incorporates various interactive elements such as video recordings of guest lecturers; links to external resources and other course related material; pictures; and Multiple Choice Quizzes (MCQs). This is a collaborative project which is shared among eight Universities from Africa and Europe. Hence, current and future clinical trial investigators who are interested in the herbal science and medicine field, are able to join this course. Since the course was launched it has been accessed from countries such as: Japan,Nigeria, Ethiopia and the UK.

Please join Nandi at the eLearning Colloquium on Thursday, 05 September as she will share her experiences and challenges while engaged in the MUTHI e-course.

Venue: New Life Sciences Building, SANBI 5th floor ( Aron Klug and Max Theiler Seminar rooms)
Time: 09:00- 13:00

We look forward to your attendance at our eLearning colloquium.

For catering purposes please RSVP to:

Carolynne Kies ckies@uwc.ac.za
Norina Braaf nbraaf@uwc.ac.za

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