Making use of online MCQ tests to enhance teaching-and-learning practices

Lecturer, Juliana Willemse (School of Nursing),  has implemented online
Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) tests within her online environment
(Sakai/iKamva). Three formative assessment tests were created for the
third year Nursing students which encourages them to revise specific
content taught in class.

Juliana booked the Thintana computer lab and made arrangements with a
CIECT team member to demonstrate the use of the assessment tool.

Various settings can be applied when creating online MCQs. Students are
able to re-take tests for self-assessment purposes. Test results are

The Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technologies
(CIECT) invites you to attend the Annual eLearning Colloquium, on
Thursday 05 September 2013. Lecturers across Faculties will share their
experiences and challenges regarding the various communication, content
and assessment eTools used to enhance their teaching practice.

eLearning Colloquium, 5th September 2013
Venue: Life Sciences Building, 5th floor SANBI (Max Theiler and Aaron
Klug Seminar Room)
Time: 09:00-12:00

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