Making use of Google Drive to create ‘online surveys’

The CIECT team offers training on the use of Google Drive to lecturers across campus. Within Google Drive a survey can be created which is automatically linked to a spread sheet. The responses are captures in real-time. These responses can be monitored asynchronously. The survey link can be shared publicly within various other social media tools such as: Facebook, Twitter, Blogger etc.

Director of the UWC Library, Pateka Matshaya, liaised with CIECT around setting up a survey. This survey was to be made accessible to UWC and other Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) respondents. She was advised to make use of Google Drive as it is easily accessible; and allows the creator to share the survey with other collaborators/co-writers before sharing it publicly.

Lecturer, Juliana Willemse from Nursing setup an electronic survey within Google Drive to investigate the students’ perceptions and use of mobile devices as part of her research study. This survey has been completed by 3rd year undergraduate nursing students registered for “The Primary Health Care” semester module.

In May 2013, Political Studies students engaged in a Digital Academic Literacy session whereby they were introduced to the iKamva platform. Thereafter the students engaged in completing a survey (setup in Google Drive) which had been embedded within their online course.

Colleagues wishing to participate in these sessions are encouraged to register using the iEnabler (on-line registration booking system). Thank you for your support.

NB: Bookings should be done at least two working days in advance.

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