Lecturers make use of Google Blogger to develop critical thinking and writing

Lecturers, Sharita Bharuthram (English Department); Teneil Bell (Occupational Therapy), Lorraine Fakude (Nursing Department) and Liezl Cornelissen (Human Ecology and Dietetics) makes use of the ‘Blogger eTool’ to enhance their teaching methodologies. The students were trained by the Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technologies (CIECT):

· set up group blogs;
· allocate administrator and author roles;
· add content;
· edit blogs; and
. comment on peer posts.

English lecturer Sharita Bharuthram used the blogger tool which allowed the students to work in groups. One blog space was created by a group leader who invited the group members. Each student had to write their individual posts regarding a specific case study. Students were able to comment and peer-review in a constructive manner. The lecturer added the specific group blogs to a reading list within her blogger profile in order to oversee the activity.

Teneil Bell stated that the purpose of the blog task is to facilitate the clinical reasoning skills of 2nd year O.T students. “These blogs will later become part of their assignment. I therefore want more than a class online discussion because I want each student to have their own unique space”.

Lorraine quotes Delphi Report (1990): “Through blogs critical thinking is promoted and students are able to interpret, analyse, conceptualise, and form judgement. A Blog is an online journal and it provides a space where you can share your thoughts around a specific topic/theme”.

Liezl Cornelissen setup a ‘blog space’ around a specific theme linked to a task that were set for the students. The students are able to comment and collaborate within the specific blog. This will encourage the students to engage through different technologies.

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