Using Google Apps (GAPPs): Fourth Year Social Work Students develop online ePortofolios

Social Work lecturer, Anna-Marie Beytell, engaged in the online ePortfolio workshops offered by CIECT in early June 2013. Subsequently she has seen the relevance of the eTool for her fourth year students, as they are required to complete and submit their paper-based portfolios.

The lecturer in consultation with CIECT discussed the possibility of a student ePortfolio workshop. During the semester break, CIECT designed a student ePortfolio workshop customised to suit the needs of the Social Work students. The planning included the booking of an appropriate lab space as well as the design and development of the training plan and instruction sheets.

On Monday, 15 July 2013, sixty-one (61) Social Work students attended the ePortfolio workshop in the Cassinga Walk-in lab. This workshop enabled students to:

– Create their online ePortfolio site;
– Structure webpages according to the template (as provided by lecturer);
– Add profile information;
– Insert relevant image of student; and
– Upload a file which highlights the challenges and benefits of their fieldwork excursions.

A follow-up workshop will be conducted with the students to enable them to make use of the more advanced features such as: embedding video clips; audio-recordings; PowerPoint slides; and Word documents. Students will share their portfolios with their lecturer who will be able to view their developments as they update it online. At the end of the semester these final year students will also be able to share their online portfolios with prospective employers.

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