Learn how to use and synchronise an iPad with Windows OS (desktop/laptop)

Making use of an iPad Operating System (iOS) application environment could be difficult due to the installation of incorrect software; or simply not having the ‘knowhow’. Staff throughout campus has been enquiring about the use of iPads to enhance teaching-and- learning practices.

The Centre for Innovative and Educational Communication Technology (CIECT) cordially invites all interested staff members to attend a training session on the use of an iPad. The main purpose of the training intervention is to enable UWC staff members with basic navigation skills to improve their eSkills; and enhance their instructional practices.
This will be an interactive training session (2 hours) whereby you will be able to:
• Navigate a mobile environment,
• Set-up an access security password,
• Set-up standard device operations,
• Search for files and documents,
• Copy and paste from Personal Computer (PC) to iPad,
• Copy and paste from iPad to PC,
• Access files and folders; and
• Navigate iPad file system on PC.

Please take note of the following two training sessions. We are able to accommodate nine (9) participants per session:
** Note: iPads and software will be provided for training purposes.
Date Time
25 July 2013 2pm- 4pm

Colleagues wishing to participate in these interventions are encouraged to apply on-line. Find attached online application process.

** View the Training and Support Interventions for 2013 at the following link CIECT Calendar 2013 (http://tinyurl.com/apqjso7 ).

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