Fourth (4th) ePortfolio session for lecturers across departments

The Centre for Innovative Educational Communication Technologies [CIECT] conducted their fourth (4th) hands-on ePortfolio workshop on the 13th June 2013.


Participants were briefly introduced to some Google Drive features; and thereafter were guided through the four phases of creating an ePortfolio.


By the end of the session participants were able to do the following:

– create an ePortfolio site,

– develop the ePortfolio according to discipline/teaching criteria,

– share a brief background about themselves; and

– link to relevant evidence such as transcripts, journals, videos, presentations etc.


Participants were further shown how to share their ePortfolios with relevant stakeholders, and embed the ePortfolio into an online environment/s (LinkedIN, iKamva, etc.).

Lecturer comment: “The session was very good. As lecturers realise the value of this ePortfolio you will see more and more lecturers booking for these sessions”.


Colleagues wishing to participate in these sessions are encouraged to register using the iEnabler (on-line registration booking system). Thank you for your support.
NB: Bookings should be done at least two working days in advance.
View the CIECT Training and Support Interventions at:
eTeaching site:
UWC website: (via eLearning page within UWC website)

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