Nursing lecturers explore various educational technologies

The Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technologies (CIECT) team is currently offering training workshops to Nursing lecturers on a suite of educational technologies. This assists lecturers to decide which tool will best enhance their teaching practice. Lecturers already engaged in a Google Drive, Google Blogger and Google News workshops. The CIECT team is training and advising the Nursing lecturers in order for them to select relevant eTools for teaching and learning purposes. Follow-up workshops will include the design of an online environment within the Sakai (iKamva) platform; and the use Social Media.

On Friday 31 May, lecturers were introduced to Google Blogger and Google News, to explore how students can make use of these applications while engaged in fieldwork practice. These Nursing lecturers are also eager to explore how the educational technologies are integrated with various mobile applications and devices.

The undergraduate Nursing students, as part of their practical engagement, are placed at different clinical sites around the Cape Peninsula. These students are required to meet with patients, document their findings, and share with their lecturers making use of different technologies. Based on their findings, lecturers will select an eTool that would best suit their students’ needs. Subsequently students will be trained on the use of the selected eTool at the start of the second semester.

Contact the Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technologies (CIECT) to join these Google and Sakai (iKamva) workshops which are integrated and accessible via various mobile devices.

** View the Training and Support Interventions for 2013 at the following link CIECT Calendar 2013 (

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