Infusion of ICTs: Science TA Programme

Dear colleagues,

The CIECT team has recently collaborated with the Science Faculty (Dr Rita Kizito and Prof. Gavin Maneveld) and other stakeholders (Library, Writing centre, ECP…) to design and develop a programme, namely: Faculty of Science Teaching Assistants Development Programme (FSTADP). “This programme is designed to prepare future Science lecturers at the University of the Western Cape (UWC)…focuses on the teaching roles of the academic in Science Higher Education, with reference to learning-centred teaching strategies embedded in a constantly changing practice” (Dr. Rita Kizito).

Science Teaching Assistants (TAs) engaged in a 3 day workshop conducted by the CIECT team, namely: ‘Design an online instructional event’.

In Session 1: the team conducted an ePorfolio session. TAs were briefly introduced to Google Drive before commencing with the creation of their respective ePortfolio sites. This session enabled the participants to create a space where they could share a brief background about themselves; and further record daily experiences  in the teaching profession linking to relevant evidence such as transcripts, journals, videos etc. TAs were shown how to share their ePortfolios with necessary stakeholders.

In Session 2: the team conducted an online course creation session. This session enabled TAs to create an online environment for themselves and prospective students. This space enables the participant to keep students updated with the latest course related information/announcements; share relevant course material; create lessons linked to relevant resources (internal and external resources); and further create a safe space for students and lecturer/s to engage in discourse around specific concepts.

In Session 3: the team conducted a session around ‘mobile integration: iPad and android devices’. TAs were shown how to navigate the user interface; and manage multimedia files and documentation on both android and ipad devices. They were further shown how to install software applications; and how to connect the iPad to windows based computers. This session enabled participants to think about how they would incorporate these mobile devices within their teaching-and-learning practices.

The CIECT team would like to encourage other teaching-and-learning specialists to work closely with the CIECT team regarding the infusion of ICT for teaching-and-learning.

Contact the Centre for Innovative Educational Communication Technologies (CIECT) to get started with your eLearning initiatives.

Kind Regards,

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