Sport Science Department lecturer makes use of ‘Click Classroom Performance System’

Dear Colleagues,
Lecturer, Lloyd Leach from the Sport Science Department makes us of the Clicker’s Classroom Performance System to facilitate question and answer sessions. Clicker devices are used to assess students’ understanding of key concepts during lectures. The Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) test are set prior to the lecture; and students are expected to engage in the MCQ questionnaire during class time. This methodology of teaching-and-learning enables students to be more interactive and further addresses students’ learning difficulties.

The lecturer contacted the CIECT team for support and advice regarding the use of the Clicker tool. Lloyd Leach observed the following: “Needless to say, the lecture went off extremely well, so much so that the students were disappointed that we only started using the technology at the end of the module. However, more importantly was the fact that the success off the lecture was largely due to the generous support offered”.

Colleagues wishing to participate in these sessions are encouraged to register using the iEnabler (on-line registration booking system). Thank you for your support.

NB: Bookings should be done at least two working days in advance.

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