CIECT team joins colleagues to design workshop for Science Teaching Assistants

The CIECT team will join other colleagues in the delivery of the FSTADP: Faculty of Sciences Teaching Assistant Development Programme. A design workshop has been developed, specifically for the creation of an online environment:

The workshop (21 – 23 May), will entail 3 training sessions:

  • Create an ePortfolio
  • Design an online teaching/instructional event
  • Access learning material via mobile devices

 The purpose of the workshop is to:

  • Highlight the importance of the creation of an ePortfolio;
  • Make effective use of eTools for substantive communication and assessment within an online environment; and
  • Demonstrate access from various modes of delivery.

 An introduction workshop will be held on 16 May, 2013. The CIECT team will give the prospective learners an overview of the eTools; and the online and Personal Learning Environments that they will be expected to engage during the face-to-face workshop.

View attached PowerPoint presentation by Juliet Stoltenkamp & Tasneem Taliep at:

Design an online environment


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