Lecturers across Departments request iPad (iOS) training

Dear Colleagues

Staff throughout campus has been enquiring about the use of mobile devices to enhance teaching-and-learning practices. The Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technology (CIECT) encourages the entire campus community to make use of mobile devices (iPads, Tablets) in order to simplify the acquisition of basic skills; sustain learner motivation and enhance their instructional practice.

We are pleased to announce that iPad training is continuing to have a positive impact at the University of the Western Cape. The CIECT team has conducted iPad workshops since March 2013 (19th and 20th March, 30 April, and 10th May 2013. The list below indicates specific training conducted for groups across Faculties and Support Units, namely:
· Arts;
· Community Health Sciences (CHS);
· Human Resource (HR);
· Information and Communication Services (ICS);
· HIV/AIDS programme;
· Institutional Planning;
· Chemistry.
· Information and Communication Services
· School of Business and Finance
· Psychology
· Accounting
· Residence Admin
· HIV/AIDS Programme

Staff members have seen the benefits of engaging with iPads to enhance their teaching-and-learning. Hence, the training allows iPad users to gain the following skills:

· Transfer documents between computers and iPads,
· Locally store documents on iPad devices, and
· Gain access making use of desktop computer or laptop.

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