Dentistry lecturer makes use of Sakai (iKamva) platform

Dear Colleagues,

Dentistry Lecturer, Vivienne Wilson, makes use of the Sakai (iKamva) platform to share course material and communicate with the fourth year students.

Previously students received the course material in paper-based format and were not able to view cases and clinical pictures electronically. During tutorials the lecturer would explain the learning content and students were required to apply the theory to the practical sessions.

In lieu of these challenges, the lecturer consulted with the CIECT team to discuss issues related to her teaching-and-learning practices. The instructional designer advised the lecture to create an online environment which enables students to view and download learning material; cases; practicals; and clinical pictures.

Vivienne Wilson has also requested that the team to video record her sessions whereby she addressed challenging concepts. These edited videos, once uploaded, will enable students to revisit her lessons; and further reinforce their understanding of the specific concept.

N.B The team encourages staff members to arrange for group training sessions related to the effective use of eTools within the iKamva platform.

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