Nursing lecturers share and communicate using the Sakai (iKamva) Platform

Dear Colleagues,

Lecturers, Lorraine Fakude and Ntomizodwa Linda, created an online environment for the Nursing Masters modules (Nur 820; Nur 821; and Nur 823) within the online SAKAI platform (iKamva). The lecturers received one-on-one consultations around the functionality and use of various eTools to enhance their teaching-and-learning practices. Lecturers selected specific eTools related to their course needs. These eTools enabled the following:

-Course Resources to share relevant course material and outlines
-Discussion forum to discuss preparation for teaching practice;
-Announcements to alert students of new material and class venues;
-Assignments to view and submit completed assessment tasks; and
-Statistics to view the most active user/student in the online environment and most used eTool/resource.

Subsequent to the creation of the online modules, the students received training regarding access and navigation of the environments. This training occurred on a Saturday morning as most of the Nursing Postgraduate students are employed full-time.

The team encourages staff members to arrange for group training sessions related to the effective use of eTools within the iKamva platform.

Click on the link to view our Calendar:

Kind regards

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