Political Studies lecturers co-facilitate within the Sakai platform

Dear Colleagues,

First year Political Studies course co-ordinator Cherrel Africa, makes use of the Sakai (iKamva) platform to share course material and communicate with students. The course is collaboratively taught, with each lecturer focusing on a specific segment of the course. Mr Kenny Bafo teaches for week 1-7 (political studies); and Garth Van Rooyen teaches for week 8-14 (International Relations). Mr Rian Leith lectures the after-hours group throughout the module.

Cherrel makes use of the ‘home page’ to share the learning outcomes; and other important information about the course (policies; lecturers; contact details; course material; course outline; course resources; tutorials; and assessment).

The course has been structured into manageable lessons which incorporate relevant resources such as YouTube to reinforce certain concepts. Announcements are also used to share important course information such as test dates, new course material, and tutorials.

Our elearning site: http://elearn.uwc.ac.za
email: elearning@uwc.ac.za
Tel: 021 959 3200/2501/3068

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