Library Information Science lecturer makes use of Sakai platform (iKamva)

Lecturer Sarah Witbooi makes use of the Sakai (iKamva) platform to teach her first year Library Information Science students. Sally attended an eLearning workshop related to flexible learning provision. The workshop included discussions around:

– ePedagogy;
– eTools;
– Modes of delivery; and
– Instructional strategy (focus on alignment of outcomes, activities, content and eTools).

Hence, Sally’s Instructional Strategy informed the development of the online Library Information Science module. Sally structured her course into manageable units of learning:
– course outline; and
– course material.

The content is well-structured into a course resource folder which includes:
– Tutorials;
– Worksheets; and
– Presentations.

Announcements are also used to share important dates regarding venues, tutorials and test dates. The tutors were added to the online module in order to assist the students and lecturer.

** View the Training and Support Interventions for 2013 at the following link CIECT Calendar 2013 (

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