B.ED Honours lecturer makes use of Sakai/iKamva platform

Dear Colleagues,

Lecturer, Gasant Gamiet of the Education Faculty has made us of the eTeaching platform to enhance his teaching-and-learning practices. Gasant created his B.ED Honours modules online in order for his students to access and engage with:

-Course material;
-Online discussion topics; and the
-Submission of online assignments.

It should be noted that these online discussion topics are accessible via the mobile devices (cellphones; tablets; ipads). Students are also able to respond within discussion topics via their cellphones.

Gasant has also volunteered to participate in the Sakai (iKamva) pilot project. He is in the process of testing the pedagogical value of the eTools within iKamva for his B.ED Honours modules; as well as for a Mathematics and Science project.

The CIECT team will continue to support the eTeaching platform whilst lecturers migrate to the new institutional platform, iKamva.

** View the Training and Support Interventions for 2013 at the following link CIECT Calendar 2013 (http://tinyurl.com/apqjso7 ).

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