Lecturers make use of eAssessment tools to enhance their teaching practices

Juliana Willemse (Nursing Department); Doreen Nchang (Education Faculty); and Jacques de Ville (Law Faculty) have made use of online Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to support their teaching modules:

Doreen created an online test to evaluate the students’ knowledge on the use and application of specific referencing techniques for assignments.

Juliana makes use of the MCQ tool to test students’ knowledge related to course material; and specific topics. Juliana states that although there have been some challenges (slow internet response and time-outs) – the “students left the computer lab with a sense of accomplishment as they knew exactly how well or bad they did in the task. There is probably nothing better than immediate feedback on a task completed”.

Jacques created an online pre-reading test, whereby students were expected to prepare and actively engage during class-time.


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