Turnitin (Tii): A developmental tool to improve academic writing

Dear Colleagues,


Turnitin (Tii) is an internet based plagiarism detection tool used to promote quality academic writing within the institution. The Turnitin database consists of the internet and student document repository.


We advise lecturers to make use of Tii as a development tool. Hence:

– students submit and get originality reports;

– students peruse/navigate report, discuss reports and identify errors with lecturer/tutor; and

– students rework documents and resubmit.


* This process continues until the learner is satisfied with the originality report.


Lecturers across various faculties have made use of Tii within their undergraduate and postgraduate modules. Below are comments of lecturers using Tii, specifically within the Arts Faculty:


Turnitin was very useful to me with my post graduate students last year(Zannie Bock Linguistics).


Students submitted one assignment through Turnitin. Most students managed to get reasonable similarity indexes, those that didn’t I called in and we chatted about why it was high. A couple of those students appeared to have ‘light bulb’ moments, and that wouldn’t have happened without Turnitin” (Lindsay Clowes: Women & Gender studies).


Sandy Zinn of Library Information Science uses Tii as a developmental tool; especially as students improve their writing skills.


Mahmoud Patel of English for Educational Development (EED Law) ensures that students are given sufficient time to submit, review and re-submit their assignments on Tii.He also allows students the opportunity to consult with the lecturer and tutors during this time-period. Hence they are able to discuss the interpretation of the originality report. Mahmoud emphasises the need for students to reference correctly; as there are discipline specific terminology which will be used by all students.


Please consult our training schedule to book for a Turnitin (Tii) training session.


NB: Refer to attached online registration process document.




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