OSwD staff engage in PDF Editor training: Access for students with varied disabilities

Dear Colleagues,


The Programme Officer for the Centre for Student Support and Services (CSSS) -Office for Students with Disabilities (OSwD) – recently requested PDF Editor training; specifically a train-the-trainer intervention for their staff members who would be assisting users with varied disabilities.


OSwD is currently making use of programmes for students with varied disabilities (blind, visually impaired and learning disabilities); however these are not able to access PDF documents. Hence the training session by the eLearning team enabled the OSwD staff to convert documents into word format. Evadne Abrahams (OSwD) stated the following:


“…The programs that are used to do this cannot access documents that are in PDF (image) format; they need to be in a word format in order to Braille, enlarge and make accessible for the JAWS program and the Claro reading program. This means that we have often had to print, photocopy, scan and edit all PDF material before it can be used by any of these students. If the copies are not clear, material has to be retyped. As you can understand, with the increased usage of e-teaching and e-learning sites, and the increased need of post-grad students to do research, the workload is enormous.


If this program could convert PDF documents into word documents, it would enable our staff to facilitate access to more material in less time which would mean that students would have the same time to complete assignments, etc. as the other students in their class”.



eLearning Centre

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