Nursing students make use of blogger eTool

Dear Colleagues


Lecturer Lorraine Fakude, Nursing Department enhanced her teaching methodologies by introducing the blogger eTool for Master’s students. The students were trained by the Centre for Innovative Educational and Communication Technologies (CIECT – previously known as the  eLearning Centre) to:

·       set up their group blogs;

·       allocate administrator and author roles;

·       add content; and

·       edit blogs


Lorraine intends to conduct content analysis of blogs and comments posted on a regular basis.  These blogs entail pertinent teaching and learning topics. Students are expected to engage and debate weekly regarding specific assessment tasks; and facilitation within a higher education environment.


Lorraine quotes Delphi Report (1990): “Through blogs critical thinking is promoted and students are able to interpret, analyse, conceptualise, and form judgement.”


A Blog is an online journal and it provides a space where you can share your thoughts around a specific topic/theme (


Click on the link to view the latest blog:


Kind regards

CIECT team

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