Dentistry students use Podcast for self-assessment and peer mentoring tasks

Dear Colleagues,


Lecturer, Natalie Gordon of the Dentistry Faculty, created an online environment for her second year Oral Hygiene students to support their professional development. The aim of the module was to create a central space enabling students to access course material and external resources. Students were introduced to podcasting (creation of audio recordings) to enable them to peer review and further improve their communication skills.


Podcast training was conducted and included: recording of an interview using the MP3 Player device; editing the audio recording using a voice editing software; exporting as a MP3 file, uploading the exported podcast into the online environment. The first task required students to interview their peers to assess the level of knowledge around dental practices. Thereafter listened to the recorded interview and critiqued each other’s communication skills.


According to the Oral Hygiene lecturer, “Students found the session very useful and from the feedback today most of them are very clued up on using the MP3 players. Those students who are more able will assist those struggling.”


Kind Regards,

eLearning Team

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