Create online tutorial groups using the workgroup tool

Dear Colleagues,


Lecturers across different departments have made use of the online workgroup tutorial eTool within the Learning Management system.


The online tutorial workgroup in eTeaching allows lecturers to manage their online workgroups. Students can be divided into workgroups where they are able to discuss topics within a group discussion forum and share information. Students are able to share related articles and documents with group members. The online workgroup tool is private and students are only able to view and join the workgroup they have been assigned to. Lecturers can also assign tutors specific roles and responsibilities within specific tutorial student workgroups. Lecturers have access to all online workgroups as they are able to advise tutors and students monitor student progress.


Lecturer, Neil Henderson of the Social Work Department, has used the workgroup tool since 2005 for his fourth year Social Work students. Other lecturers from various departments namely: English, Social Work, Nursing and Management have made extensive use of the online workgroup tool for their tutorials.


Joint-lecturing as a collaborative effort seeks to promote sharing of knowledge and methodologies, thereby enhancing delivery and providing an opportunity to explore issues from different angles (Leigh, et al, 2002:209)

Kind Regards

eLearning Centre

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