UWC “Mobivarsity”: Access online courses via mobile phone

The mobile UWC eTeaching site http://m.eteaching.uwc.ac.za was developed specifically for students to enable access to various eTools, namely: Course Content, Discussion Forum, File Manager, Internal Mail, Announcement Assignment, Calendar, and MCQ Tests using their mobile phones.

Many students are already familiar with browsing the internet via their mobile phones in order to access the Facebook site; and download applications such as Mxit, a mobile instant messenger (IM). Thus, they will easily be able to access their online courses via their mobile phones.

The Mobivarsity site enables the following functionalities when accessing online courses (registered students only):

Discussion Forum: The students are able to view their course forums and further view and read all the topics within the selected forum.

Course Content: The students are able to view snippets of the content pages

File Manager: Students are able to access their course files; browse course files; and download the file to their mobile phone memory or memory card.

Announcements: Students are able to view their course announcements.  These online course announcements are also directly linked to their GroupWise email addresses.

“Students are already inventing ways to use their phones to learn what they want to know. If we educators are smart, we’ll figure out how to deliver our product in a way that fits into our students’ digital lives – and their cell phones” (Prensky, 2004).

 **Please note that only the courses that have been setup on eTeaching; or migrated from eLearn to eTeaching will be available on the mobile site. Also note that only registered students will have access to their online courses via their mobile phones.

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