UWC- first African institute to join the OpenCourseWare movement started by MIT

”OpenCourseWare is a term applied to course materials developed by universities and shared freely with the world via the internet. The OCW movement began at MIT with the launch of MIT OpenCourseWare in October 2002. Since then the OpenCoureWare Consortium has been established. It is a network over 200 universities from across the world that has published more than 8000 courses under the open content licenses, for other to download, modify, adapt, and use freely” (Philipp Schmidt, 2009). The University of the Western Cape has become the first African Higher Education institution to join the OCW movement. Since 2007, Prof Derek Keats and Philipp Schmidt have represented the institution on the board.

The early-adopters of this initiative hosts the following modules:

• South African Bill of Rights module by Law lecturer  Pierre de Vos

• Biodiversity & Conservation Biology by Richard Knight

•  School of Public Health modules namely, Managing Human Resources for Health – Prof Uta Lehmann and  Measuring Health and Disease – Prof Neil Myburgh and Prof Debra Jackson

Soon the free courseware site will host our newcomers:

• Chemistry module by Karen Wallace

• Masters in Child & Family Studies by Nicolette Roman

• Nursing Postgraduate module by Lorraine Fakude

• Self-Assessment for Foundations of Nursing by Ntombizodwa Linda

• Advanced Fieldwork Education by Neil Henderson

** Colleagues, please note that these lecturers have created interactive online modules within the eLearning system. These are private modules and only accessible to their registered UWC students. The modules hosted on the free courseware site are made public and allows users across the global village to view course content. In order to view UWC public modules created and shared under the Creative Commons Licenses, visit the free courseware site at: http://free.uwc.ac.za

Read more about the OpenCourseWare (OCW) movement, its benefits; latest stats and how to get involved.

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