UWC a leading force in Africa: The Open Courseware Movement

The University of the Western Cape is part of the worldwide Open Educational Resources (OER) Consortium. Open Courseware (OCW) is a term applied to course materials created by universities and shared freely with the world via the internet and redistributed under the creative commons license. The OCW Movement began at Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT) in October 2002; and consequently the network consists of over 200 universities across the world, which has published more than 8000 courses under open content licenses, for others to download, modify, adapt, and use freely.

The University of the Western Cape is a leading Higher Education Institution driving the Open Courseware initiative In Africa; and since has been elected as a board member of the OCW Movement. Recently, in July 2009 UWC was part of an OER Africa Health conference held in Cape Town where a particular framework was developed for health aligned tertiary institution departments of participating universities to share and contribute towards the populating the OER Africa health repository.

Friday, 12 February 2010, the University of the Western Cape is hosting the annual OCW workshop at the School of Public Health (09:00-12:00). The eLearning team has been a driving force for OER at UWC. The eLearning team maintains UWC’s FreeCourseware site, http://free.uwc.ac.za which is accessible globally.

This site currently hosts 14 UWC lecturers from various faculties who have opened their courses to the world:

Biodiversity & Conservation Biology

•  Richard Knight



• Pierre de Vos

• Patricia Lenaghan

• Pierre de Vos



• Manogari Chetty

• Razia Adam

• Tariq Lodhi


School of Public Health

• Linda Ntombizodwa

• Michael Rowe

• Vivienne Bozalek

• Thembisile Khanyile

• Karen Wallace

• Lorraine Fakude

• June Jeggels

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