Student eLearning Training: A necessary learning curve

During the week, 06-09 April 2010 the eLearning team offered training to first-year students from various faculties. Students were shown how to access and navigate the eLearning system; add their profile pictures; download course documents and engage in online assessment tasks. The aim of this training was to enable the students to engage in their interactive online environments.

During specific training periods it was noted by the eLearning facilitators that the internet connectivity was extremely slow. This resulted in many students not being able to participate in the planned ‘hands-on’ training sessions. However, the facilitators were able to continue with demonstrative sessions. This challenge hindered the training processes and learning experiences of the students.

Nevertheless, students remained receptive to the training and when questioned about whether they would be able to re-enact what was demonstrated, they responded positively. The eLearning team further informed students that should they encounter any difficulty they could seek assistance via email; telephone; or a visit to the eLearning unit at the Cassinga building.

The eLearning team appeals to all lecturers to ensure that their students receive training in order for them to become familiar with the eTools; and apply the attained skills for further effective online collaboration.

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