Student Benefits: eLearning Podcast Project

The eLearning podcast project is targeted at both lecturers and students at UWC. The aim of this eLearning institutional project is to enable learners (lecturers and students) to:

• Create podcasts (audio-recordings);

• Edit the recording in an Open Source Software namely Audacity

• Export the podcast as an MP3 file; and

• Upload it into the online environment

This process is usually linked to field work which is related to a specific discipline. Students from School of Pharmacy (UWC) have expressed their opinions regarding the benefits of podcasting. These benefits relate to practices within their discipline; communication skills and use of eTools:

• “I think it will benefit us as this is a practical assignment more than a theoretical one therefore it will also be easier for our assignments to be done”

• “This will also benefit us when we become pharmacists as we are able to practice our communication skills”

• “My communication skills can be recorded and analysed by my lecturer in order to optimise it”

• “It will assist me to conduct patient interviews effectively without any hassles so I think it is imperative that this tool is made available to as many undergraduate and postgraduate students as possible.”

• “We really appreciate it, knowing how to submit our voice recorded assignments online”

• “It familiarises me with a computer and will assist me with communication skills”

Multimedia realities provide students the significant potential and possibility to come closer to the fundamental reality of their subject matter; and to learn in a practical and “experiences-centered perspective” (Peters & Collis, 2000).

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